Contactless Solutions

What is a contactless solution and how is that possible?

QR Codes have been around for years and only a few companies and payment solutions managed to get QR Codes to work how it was intended to.

In 2020 and mostly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the request for “contactless solutions” resulted in this big QR codes comeback. We also need to thank mobile phone manufacturers for improving technology and no more extra apps needed to scan QR codes, simply use the camera on your device.

Contactless visitor forms to fight COVID-19
Visitors scan a QR Code at entry points to fill out a contactless form and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.
1. We can create a web form for your business
2. Print and place the QR code at the entrance
3. Visitors scan the QR code
4. Visitors fill the form in on their mobile device
5. After submission you can manage the data
6. Grow your database

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In our next blog post we will discuss the Contactless CHECK IN and CHECK OUT possibilities at accommodation establishments


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