What is Website Design

A Website or a website design is in very simple terms, an online represenation of a company, entity or person. How this entity is represented is the key factor.

Modern Web Pressence was established to cater for a growing market that needed more than a website or logo but needed qualified professionals to take a brand from the analog to the digital world correctly and efficiently enhancing the already existing or growing a brand.

The biggest problem with the industry, then and now, is that one aspect is done without the other in mind, leaving a website that is static and does nothing but act as a lone placemarker in the world wide web. At Modern Web Presence we develop enhanced Content Management System (CMS) based websites that integrate seamlessly with your social, email and analog brand.

A word that means a variety of things to a range of people throughout the world, the concept is very often misconstrued with advertising. Marketing is the act of bringing a brand or vision to a target market and incorporates multiple facets including customer relations, brand design, social media, networking, integration and last but not least advertising.
At Modern Web Presence we have over 10 years of experience in SME and Corporate marketing which allows us to look at your digital brand not as a placemarker but as an ever evolving entity that needs public recognition and therefore allows us to incorporate that vision into your online identity.

Social Media
Social Media can be productive but also counter productive at the same time. A lot of time is spent on developing systems that do very little for you online brand. By bringing together great web design and facilitating ease fo use social bookmarking we allow the public to share your brand fatser.
So pushing your brand to the millions of social users including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and in partnership with Modern Web Presence, to handle the ever important day to day activities of your social brand, we can develop a truly optimised sytem and get your brand noticed faster.


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