What is Social Media Management

SMME to even big Companies OUTSOURCE the management of their Social Media, Location Based Services, Mobile apps, Website and SEO to us for a fraction of the cost of employing someone. They also Outsource so that they can focus on what THEY do best – Run their Business.

We will be your Ambassador and make sure you have a Presence and Professional Image on the Modern Web.

Customise your package from the list below.
Tip 1: If you want to showcase your venue or product, you need Photos (Picasa, Pinterest or Instagram) and Videos (You Tube)
Tip 2: Facebook and Twitter are the premier social media accounts for any business at the moment
Tip 3: If you are a local business with a store front, Google+ Local and Foursquare are a must

Example of updates per week
Type of Account Updates Shared on which Accounts?
Blog 1 FB + Twitter + Linked In
Facebook 3 Twitter + Linked In
Twitter 5 Linked In + FB
YouTube 2 FB + Twitter + Blog
Trip Advisor 2 FB + Twitter + Website
Pinterest 2 FB + Twitter
Google + Local 1 FB + Twitter + Blog
Foursquare 1 FB + Twitter + Blog
Linked In 2 Twitter + FB

Facebook Fan Page
You Tube
Web albums like Picasa or Flickr
Google + Local
Facebook Places
Trip Advisor
Linked In
Mobile Applications
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads

* Monthly fee per product
* You must pick a minimum of 3 products
* A setup fee per product if signing for 6 months or less
* FREE setup cost for signing a 12 months contract


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