Omeya Golf Estate & Residential Oasis

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More about Omeya:

“Omeya” means water in the local dialect of the Oshiwambo. Windhoek based business couple, Andrè and Sonja van der Walt bought the property in 2006. Having received a Godly vision for the development of the land into a golf and lifestyle estate for families to live safely and securely and in peace and harmony with nature, Andre and Sonja started a journey of obedience and unwavering faith to overcome the many challenges set before them in preparing the barren, parched land into the pristine green oasis that it is today.

In a country known for its gasping dry deserts and thirsting landscapes, the biggest challenge was to find a sustainable water source. This problem too, was solved when the contracted geohydrologist found one of the biggest aquifers (underground water supply) he had ever found in his life, supplying Omeya with abundant and plentiful water.

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