Norton Outdoors

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More About Norton Outdoors:
Norton Outdoors is a young company founded out of a passion for the outdoors, innovation, and sustainability. Our founders are both riders and love to spend time outdoors and believe everyone should be able to do that, no matter their age or ability.

Norton Outdoors
We know that by introducing our range of affordable and durable eBikes, that our customers, will spend more time in nature and be more active, even if it is with a little help. In addition to the proven health benefits of being more active, it will also allow them to connect more closely with their surroundings and the environment which will foster a sense of responsibility and duty towards the environment.

So, get on your bike and make the most of your surrounding area whilst also caring for it.


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"Its a privilege to have Modern Web Presence onboard as our media and web partner. Thank you for doing wonders in such a short time space. Much appreciated Ben van Rensburg"

Almar Creighton