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About them:

LEMASA is a boutique, black-owned company (level 2 on scorecard), specialising in Assessment and Development Centres, Training and Development, as well as Organisational Development and Design. LEMASA uses a network of highly skilled consultants nationally and internationally as well as appropriate technology, to deliver our services to selected clients. Our consultants are mainly Industrial/Clinical Psychologists and other Human Resource professionals.

LEMASA is committed to offering world-class services. We are results oriented and therefore motivated by achievement. We measure achievement in terms of meeting clients’ requirements within the agreed upon time frames. As a consulting firm we are quality conscious and do not compromise service standards. All our assessment tools/methodologies adhere to the requirements as prescribed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa; the Assessment Centre Study Group of South Africa and the International Guidelines for Assessment Centres. Our programmes and interventions are cost-effective and aligned to achieve the standards and qualifications registered on the South-African National Qualifications Framework. We do continuous research and statistical evaluations on the services we deliver for trend identification and validation purposes.

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