Kauai Smart Meals

Congratulations to the Kauai team with their new product, Kauai Smart Meals.

We are proud to be part of this project and team as a whole.

More about Kauai Smart Meals: THE KAUAI SMART MEALS PROMISE

We believe that for you to be your best, you must eat the best.

That’s why we developed Smart Meals. With the best chefs crafting each dish using only the finest ingredients, Smart Meals is our way of making wholesome, nutritious food available to you, in a convenient way that suits your unique lifestyle and goals.

All of our meals:

• Are free of refined sugars, wheat, gluten, soy, trans fats, MSG, additives, and refi ned oils
• Contain whole grains and complex carbohydrates
• Use only free-range eggs, free range chicken, free range beef, and sustainably harvested fish when they include animal products

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