How to Save Sales and Solve Customer Problems with Live Chat

Are you nervous about adding live chat to your online store? It’s completely understandable, especially if you’re used to working with your customers over email.

Email is asynchronous, so customers don’t expect an instant reply and you can use those expectations to decide which emails to answer in what order. Live chat changes the game. It moves conversations into almost-real-time, and while that can be scary, it also creates new opportunities for delivering exceptional customer service.

You probably don’t have a huge team of support staff who can spend their days in chat conversations with your customers. So, is it possible to add a chat support channel to your store in a sustainable way?

It is, with a little planning and some smart implementation. Here’s how to get it done.

Rolling out live chat for customer service

  • Add support-focused chat where it is most valuable
  • Divert conversations to the appropriate channels

Focus on having fewer, more impactful conversations with customers.

  • Manage customer expectations
  • Get creative with your support chat staffing
  • Build your live support skills

Treat support as a sales channel

  • Every support interaction is an opportunity to understand your customer better.
  • Customer-driven support delivers long term value

Credit: Shopify

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