Get your Black Friday strategy in place now

Are you ready to take advantage of Black Friday?

With Black Friday fast approaching (23 November), now is the time to make sure your store is ready to capitalise on the upcoming spend-fest. 

Some Key Pointers:

  • Prepare your sales strategy in advance
  • Utilise email marketing to increase traffic
  • Build customer trust to increase the chance of purchase
  • Track your metrics to measure and build on success

How Should You Prepare for Black Friday?

1. Stock, fulfilment and support

2. Ensure you have back-up plans

3. Organise all your seasonal sales in advance

4. Plan out the sale and which products will be discounted when

5. Prepare images and other creative to promote your sale

6. Utilise emails to promote your upcoming Black Friday sale

7. Implement abandoned cart emails and make use of discount codes

8. Use retargeting to capture past visitors and customers

9. Quick - instil a sense of urgency now!

10. Wish upon a wishlist

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